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Walking with God as a young woman in today’s world can be tough. Revive Our Hearts is here to help! Through articles, podcasts, videos, and more, you’ll learn how to fight lies with God’s truth and live out the beauty of the gospel. As you explore resources on topics such as God, guys, family, and friendship, you will discover how you can hold fast to biblical truth and how you can hold even tighter to Jesus.

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For the Girl Whose Hope Is Gone

God’s love isn’t a quick-fix solution that tells us to stop crying so we can grit our teeth and move on; God’s love dives headfirst into the muddy pit with us.

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5 Verses to Bring You Hope

Understanding who our God is will bring so much peace, comfort, and hope as we continue living in this broken world.

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Knowing How It Feels

Jesus was no dry-eyed, joyless, unfeeling robot. He knows what it’s like to hurt, to laugh, to wish, to agonize.