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I'm a Weak Mom

Christine Hoover's Photo Christine Hoover —

Sometimes in quiet moments, a nagging question arises in my heart: Am I good mom? I so badly want to be one. Yet, if there is an area I feel most inadequate in, it's this.

Articles, Resources, and More . . . Oh My! (02/27/15)

Lindsay Swartz's Photo Lindsay Swartz —

How to Memorize (Almost) Anything, Mission as a Mom . . . and more!

Is God Too Big for the Small Stuff?

Bethany Baird's Photo Bethany Baird —

I got in the truck, put the key in the ignition, and tried to turn . . . nothing happened. Did I turn to God first or only as a last resort? Find out in today’s post.

3 Dating Lessons I Didn’t Learn From Books

Lindsey Wagstaffe's Photo Lindsey Wagstaffe —

Three lessons about love and romance I didn’t learn from books.

Got Love? (Part 2)

Leslie Bennett's Photo Leslie Bennett —

Leader, are you truly loving the people you lead—truly?

Got Love? (Part 1)

Leslie Bennett's Photo Leslie Bennett —

Evidence of a dangerously low love tank signals there's a leak somewhere. Let's diagnose the problem, and repair the leak!