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Articles, Resources, and More . . . Oh My! (04/18/14)

Lindsay SwartzLindsay Swartz —

Three Lessons for Jesus’ Valley, Sunday’s a Comin’, Help! My Kids are Looking at Porn, and More.

News That's Better Than "You Don't Have Cancer!"

Kimberly WagnerKimberly Wagner —

If the news about my biopsy had been different, if it had been cancer, if it had been a life-threatening report . . . would I have reacted differently?

Nineteen Reasons Why Easter Matters

Erin DavisErin Davis —

Easter is right around the corner. Here are nineteen reasons why that matters. Can you add to the list and make it twenty?

Why Do We Need Guys Anyway

Erin DavisErin Davis —

To hear the world tell it, men are a dying breed. Books have been written, articles have been circulated, TED talks have been developed around the big idea that men are on their way out. But when you look at God's Word, it becomes pretty obvious that's not true.