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Fight Jealousy with Three Gospel Truths

Guest BloggerGuest Blogger —

Are you ever jealous over your friend's fit figure, her life, or her ability to turn every Pinterest project into reality? The Bible tells us jealousy makes the bones rot. What's a girl to do?

Wilderness Murmuring and Heavenly Beds

Lindsay SwartzLindsay Swartz —

I'm not the tent-pitching camper type. My idea of camping is a good bit of exercise outside by day and settling into a heavenly bed at the Hampton Inn by night. So, I can only imagine how the Israelites felt wandering around in the wilderness for forty years. >

The Good Thing About Being Out of Control

Erin DavisErin Davis —

As a fifteen-year-old, not-yet-licensed-driver, the feeling of being behind the wheel of a car was exhilarating. I got to choose where we went. How far the needle climbed up the speedometer was up to me. I was in control. Well … kind of.

When a Guy Looks at Me, He Sees...

Leslie LudyLeslie Ludy —

When I was working on a book, I interviewed many godly young men to get their perspective on young women today. One of my questions was, "How can girls help guys become the men God created them to be?" Without hesitation, each of the young men responded, "By dressing more modestly!"