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Can a Hint . . . Hurt? (True Woman 201, part 5)

Dannah Gresh's Photo Dannah Gresh —

With the conversation spinning so far away from truth, no wonder married Christian women are reading erotica to "spice up their love life."

When I Don't Have Joy (True Woman 201, part 4)

Leanna  Shepard's Photo Leanna Shepard —

When I let my emotions control me instead of me controlling my emotions, I open myself up to enemy attack. It is then that I am most vulnerable to temptation. In other words, I've lost control.

Freebie Friday! What’s on Your Nightstand?

Erin Davis's Photo Erin Davis —

Tell me what’s on your nightstand. Win what’s on mine.

Breaking Your Approval Addiction

Erin Davis's Photo Erin Davis —

Are you addicted to praise? Here are three ways to break your approval addiction.

Just What You've Been Waiting For!

Leslie Bennett's Photo Leslie Bennett —

Revive Our Hearts couldn’t be more excited to share the big news!

Dangerous Bible Study and Puffy Christianity

Jen Wilkin —

There is a perception among many evangelicals that Bible study is dangerous.