Esther: Trusting God’s Plan Week 1—God Sets the Stage

Can you think of a time in your life when it felt like God just . . . wasn’t showing up? Maybe you got blindsided by some bad news, and the heartbreak wrecked you. All you wanted was healing, but the pain dragged on? Or maybe you made a big decision, and then things started to go sideways. God, why didn’t you stop me? Maybe you’ve been hoping and praying for rescue or relief from a tough situation; you’re waiting for change to come, but it seems like silence is all that’s coming from God. You might find yourself in that spot right now: you’re searching for hope or answers or good news, and you’ve found your heart doubting that God is at work in your life. It’s hard to keep trusting day after day after day when nothing has changed. When you’re exhausted. When the punches keep coming. When it all looks dark and hopeless. But our God isn’t a forgetful or giving-up kind of God. He is a forever-faithful God who does what is good (Deut. 7:9; Ps. 119:68). Esther’s story reminds us how He works miraculously in the lives of His people, even when it seems like He’s silent. Esther’s story builds our faith and hope in the God who shows up for His people in His timing and His way.

Esther’s Story Is Really God’s Story

In Week 1 of our study, we see God setting the stage for the rescue of His people. As you journey through this study, you’ll notice that God isn’t mentioned in this Old Testament book. That’s wild, isn’t it? But we’ll see that Esther’s story is really God’s story! In this book, we discover God’s:

  • Faithfulness to His covenant and His people
  • Sovereign control over every circumstance
  • Providence

The same God who was arranging the details and using the events that took place in King Xerxes’ palace to rescue the Jewish people from destruction is the same God who is working in your life today. If you find yourself doubting His sovereignty or power to do something in your life, let this true account in Scripture strengthen your heart today. Even when you can’t see it, God is there. His work is hidden from our sight many times, but He is always acting on behalf of His people and His glory. The book of Esther is a beautiful portrayal of Romans 8:28:

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.

This incredible story helps us marvel at the masterful way God orchestrates every detail of our lives and of this universe. When you cannot see the hand of God, trust His heart and know that His providence is always working on your behalf. This week, I’ve been encouraged by God’s work “behind the scenes” in my life. I’m reminded of the times He arranged a “coincidence” or helped me make a simple decision that led to precious gifts, new opportunities, and valuable lessons in my life.

Let’s Make It Personal

As I worked through this week’s lessons, this is the phrase that keeps pouring fuel over the fire of my faith:

Even when we can’t see His hand, we can trust that God is working for our good and His glory.

There will be times in your life when you aren’t sure what God is doing—or if He’s doing anything at all. During those uncertain times we have to trust God’s character and what we’ve seen Him do in the past, both in Scripture and in our own lives. I’d encourage you to grab a journal and spend some time with Jesus as you answer these questions:

  1. If someone wrote an account of the “coincidences” in your life, what are some stories they might include of God’s Providence at work?
  2. God is able to overrule even the worst situation for your good and the fulfillment of His plan. How have you seen Him do this in the past?
  3. How are you hoping Queen Esther’s story helps you trust the story that God is writing in your life?

Deeper Discussion

To get even more out of this Esther Bible study, I would highly recommend watching or listening to the Women of the Bible podcast episodes with Erin Davis, Betsy Gómez, Dr. Venessa Ellen, and Carrie Gaul. These women love Jesus, and their discussions will help you consider each weekly lesson and apply what you’ve learned. You can watch the podcast episode here:

God is at work in your life, friend. Keep trusting. He hasn’t given up on writing your story. How are you being challenged to trust God right now?

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