Main Sessions

Oct. 8, 2021

  1. Grounded in Christ

    Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

    We might say Christ is important to us, but how does that truth affect our lives on a daily basis? Nancy points us to Christ.

  2. Grounded in the Presence of God

    Kim Cash Tate

    We all cling to someone or something. Kim Cash Tate shows us the only One truly worth clinging to, as we are “Grounded in the Presence of God.”

  3. Grounded in Community

    Dannah Gresh

    Dannah Gresh highlights four qualities of the church in Acts 2, reminding us that we desperately need to be grounded in community.

  4. Grounded in Hope

    Chris Brooks

    Pastor and radio host Chris Brooks shows us, “The Bible is not a book of myth or make-believe. Instead, it deals with real-world grief.”

Oct. 9, 2021

  1. Grounded in God's Word

    Chris Brooks

    Chris Brooks takes us to the parable of the sower and the soils to help us take a closer look at how receptive we are to God's Word.

  2. Grounded in His Good Design

    Mary Kassian

    Do you understand the purpose behind your design as a male or female? Whether you feel sexually confused or you know someone who does, this series will help.

  3. Transgender to Transformed: Laura Perry’s Testimony

    Laura Perry Smalts

    Laura Perry lived as a transgender man for a decade before a radical encounter with God’s grace that led to her surrendering to Christ’s authority.

  4. Grounded Panel Discussion

    Erin Davis, Mary Kassian, Dannah Gresh, Laura Perry Smalts

    Digging deeper into issues of sexuality.

  5. Grounded in All Seasons

    Susan Hunt

    Flourishing means becoming more like Jesus. Hear how we can glorify God and enjoy Him forever in all seasons of life.

  6. Staying Grounded

    Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

    Many people take supplements as part of a healthy lifestyle. Did you know the Bible talks about spiritual supplements?