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Walking with God as a young woman in today’s world can be tough. Revive Our Hearts is here to help! Through articles, podcasts, videos, and more, you’ll learn how to fight lies with God’s truth and live out the beauty of the gospel. As you explore resources on topics such as God, guys, family, and friendship, you will discover how you can hold fast to biblical truth and how you can hold even tighter to Jesus.

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A Hero in Her Fifties

Grab a virtual coffee date with one of our favorite women! (Spoiler alert: super sweet love story ahead.)

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A Hero in Her Thirties

We can't wait to introduce you to Amanda, a Jesus-loving girl in her thirties. She shares the secrets to her vibrant walk with Christ today on the blog.

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A Hero in Her Twenties

Setting goals, finding contentment, and aiming for excellence. We're tackling all that and more in this interview with one of our favorite twentysomethings.

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Don’t Wish This Season Away

Lord, stamp this permanently onto our hearts: "No matter what season you're in, never see anything as mundane and useless."

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Hope for the Fatherless

If you've never known your dad, your dad left your family, or your relationship with your dad is strained, listen carefully God's Word sends up a flare of hope.

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If You Want to Be Famous

When I drag my heart's desire for fame under the microscope of God's Word, I see five truths clearly.