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Walking with God as a young woman in today’s world can be tough. Revive Our Hearts is here to help! Through articles, podcasts, videos, and more, you’ll learn how to fight lies with God’s truth and live out the beauty of the gospel. As you explore resources on topics such as God, guys, family, and friendship, you will discover how you can hold fast to biblical truth and how you can hold even tighter to Jesus.

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Let Us Adore Him

What if we would relish the deep, life-changing truth that Jesus Christ changes everything?

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When God Cuts Your Idol's Head Off

Our natural bent is to put something, anything, on the throne in our hearts other than God. When that happens, He may cut our idol's head off.

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To the Heart Searching for Comfort

When the enemy wants to paralyze us with our emotions, the Word reminds us of the truth. And this is the soul-watering truth we need: God is our Comforter.

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Boost Your Trust in God Today

Human beings have struggled to trust their Creator ever since the beginning. But it is possible to trust God more. Here are five ways.

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Help for Making Hard Decisions

Are you trying to make a decision that honors God? Are you stuck and stressed and so not sure what to do? Help is on the way.