Have you ever wondered if there is more to the Christian life than just being “good” on the outside? Yes, there is! These resources will draw you into a deeper awareness of God’s presence and open your eyes to the truly free, full, and fruitful life Christ offers you.

Seeking Him

Revival isn't just an emotional experience. It's a complete transformation. It can happen in your heart, in your home, in your church, and in your world.

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Do you need a fresh encounter with God? Are you ready for Him to pour out His grace on the dry, thirsty ground of your heart?

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Your fullest experience of God will only come when your life is holy and your heart is pure.

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For a Christian, waving the white flag doesn't mean, "I give up!" It means, "Victory at last!"

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Choosing Forgiveness

There are no magic words or secret formulas for forgiveness. But there are biblical principles that can help you break free from bitterness and pain.

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Choosing Gratitude

True gratitude is not an incidental ingredient in the Christian's life—it's a crucial one.

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