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The Word of Triumph

Photo of Nancy Leigh DeMoss Nancy Leigh DeMoss —

What was the single greatest word ever uttered in the history of mankind? Nancy says that word was proclaimed by Jesus on the cross.

Beware of the Subterranean

Kimberly Wagner's Photo Kimberly Wagner —

She held the small booklet in front of my face and shook it as she spoke emphatically. Her tone was angry, but not quite to the volume of yelling. "How dare you hand this out!"

Christ or Crush? (Generous)

Paula Hendricks's Photo Paula Hendricks —

One Valentine’s Day when I was a teen, my boyfriend gave me a little teddy bear and a paperweight that said “Sweetheart” on it. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven! Maybe you wish your crush would give you a teddy bear, but you’re happy that he gave you a piece of gum once, or that he let you drink some of his pop . . .

Learn to Love Ministry Recruitment Using 7 Proven Steps

Leslie Bennett's Photo Leslie Bennett —

When it comes to recruiting volunteers, do you view it as a battle to avoid or a challenge to embrace?

The Fine Print

Photo of Nancy Leigh DeMoss Nancy Leigh DeMoss —

How will I know what God’s will is for my life?