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The Deity of Christ

Photo of Nancy Leigh DeMoss Nancy Leigh DeMoss —

Was Jesus truly God? Does it really matter? Nancy says that if Jesus were not God, all of Christianity would fall apart.

You Can Know Your Future

Elisha Galotti's Photo Elisha Galotti —

Waiting doesn't come easily. We often want to know how a story is going to end, whether in fiction or in our own lives. Though I don't wish to speed things up, I'm usually eager to get a glimpse of the next chapter, curious what it will look like.

Why Revelation Shouldn’t Scare You

Erin Davis's Photo Erin Davis —

You know that book at the back of our Bibles? The one that may or may not be about the future? The one that contains the four horsemen of the apocalypse, the Beast, and the Antichrist? Yep. That one. Here are three reasons why you can stop avoiding it.

Is It Your Time to Revive?

Leslie Bennett's Photo Leslie Bennett —

Revive Our Hearts understands the necessity for God’s leaders to take time to recharge, retool their skills, and seek the Lord with like-hearted women.

Preparing for a Holy City

Photo of Nancy Leigh DeMoss Nancy Leigh DeMoss —

Is there any clutter in your life?