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Working at Home

Photo of Nancy Leigh DeMoss Nancy Leigh DeMoss — Photo of Mary Kassian Mary Kassian —

The apostle Paul encourages women to be “working at home.” Does that mean women shouldn’t work outside the home? What about a career or paycheck?

Seasons of Serving (True Woman 201, part 6)

Dawn Wilson's Photo Dawn Wilson —

Early in my marriage, I resented my husband's opportunities to go "on the road" and minister to others. 

Surrendering Our Romantic Dreams

Leslie Ludy's Photo Leslie Ludy —

How can you tell whether you are clinging to tightly to an earthly relationship or romantic dream? Here are a few warning signs.

Just What You've Been Waiting For!

Leslie Bennett's Photo Leslie Bennett —

Revive Our Hearts couldn’t be more excited to share the big news!

Transformed by His Presence

Photo of Nancy Leigh DeMoss Nancy Leigh DeMoss —

People around you desperately need to see what God is like. Are you showing them?