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The Word of Dereliction

Photo of Nancy Leigh DeMoss Nancy Leigh DeMoss —

Thousands of people were crucified each year in Rome during the time of Jesus, so the physical suffering He went through wasn’t unheard of.

My Fearful Night of Shortsightedness

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As I stared at the dark waves, I realized my mistake. I was afraid because I was shortsighted. I had overlooked an essential aspect of God's character.

Freebie Friday! One of Our Biggest Giveaways Ever

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Are you up for the challenge? Find out how to be a part of one of our biggest Freebie Fridays ever.

Learn to Love Ministry Recruitment Using 7 Proven Steps

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When it comes to recruiting volunteers, do you view it as a battle to avoid or a challenge to embrace?

Changing Habits

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Don’t delay obedience.