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How a Mom Fights for Joy

Photo of Nancy Leigh DeMoss Nancy Leigh DeMoss —

When little ones are at home, it’s easy to let them become the number one priority. Jani Ortlund talks about how to keep a close relationship with your husband.

When the Church Hurts You

Kimberly Wagner's Photo Kimberly Wagner —

Her eyes were brimming with tears. As she shared her story of betrayal by the church of her childhood, the tears slid quietly down each cheek. The noise was almost deafening in the restaurant, and although she could barely mouth her painful story, her communication was loud and clear: The Church had let her down.

Does the Maker of the Stars Want to Use You?

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I have these conversations with God, telling Him I have nothing left that’s any good at all. I probably sound a little like this: “I gave You all I thought You wanted. Wait, what was that? You want everything? Even the worst parts?” I run and hide, sometimes, from the God who made me.

The Beautiful Feet of Good News Messengers

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I’d love for my toenails to be painted, to have smooth skin, and for those rough edges on my heels to go away. That would be nice. But that’s not the beauty I ultimately desire.


Photo of Nancy Leigh DeMoss Nancy Leigh DeMoss —

Whatever your situation, God's grace is sufficient for you.