Podcast Episodes: Christian Growth

Christian Growth

A Garment of Praise

A God-Sized Hole

A Heart Checkup

Abounding in Love

Act of Kindness

As I Have Loved You

Born Submissive

Brokenness and Worship

Called to Holiness

Clapping to the Lord

Constant Cleaning

Continual Praise

Count the Stars

Dry Spells

Esther’s Story

Evaluate the Consequences


Fifteen Actions

Fletcher's Questions

Giving Without Love

Handling Pressure

Holiness in the Workplace

Hymn Story—Come, Thou Fount

I Am Responsible

In Order to Be Happy

It's About Him

Jealousy and Spiritual Gifts

Jonah or Jeremiah?

Joseph’s Story

Learning to Love

Living Under Providence

Love Is Patient

Love vs. Jealousy

Loving Sacrifice

Mary Was a Praising Woman

Mary Was a Reflective Woman

Never Give Up

Nine Reasons to Praise

Obedience and Love

Once Upon a Time

One Thing is Needed

Praise Brings His Glory

Public and Private Praise

Put on Love

Puzzle Pieces

Resolved to Glorify God

Resolved to Grow

Responding in Wonder


Serve with Gladness

Sing to the Lord

Singing Old and New

Singing While Dry

Spiritually Mature

Thankfulness and Praise

The Absence of Love

The Angels Praise

The DeMoss Wolgemuth Story

The Interests of Others

The Law of the Harvest

The Middle of Your Story

The Spirit Says . . .

Trust When You Lose Your Health

Trust When You’ve Been Sinned Against

Trusting in the Waiting

What Is a Saint?

Whine or Worship

Why So Downcast?

Worship vs. Worry