• 4 October ‘22 – 4 October ‘22

The Deep Well with Erin DavisFasting and Feasting

God’s Word celebrates food as a gift while simultaneously inviting us to surrender every area of our lives to the authority of Jesus—including what we put on our plates. Rather than the yo-yo of love food/hate food, accept Scripture’s invitation into a different rhythm with this new season of The Deep Well with Erin Davis—the rhythm of fasting and feasting.

Episodes in this season

Episode 4: The Secret Fast

Why is fasting so rarely discussed? Is it okay to tell others that you are fasting? Erin will answer those and other questions in today's episode. View More →

Episode 6: The Nazirite Vow

Numbers 6 describes a fast called the Nazirite vow. Erin tells you about the proper heart motivation behind that vow and how it applies to your life. View More →

A 40-Day Fast (Bonus Episode)

In this bonus episode, Erin and Bethany talk about the 40 day fast that Erin undertook in 2020. Listen to find out why Erin did the fast and what she learned. View More →