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Introducing our first-ever online study: Abigail: Living with the Difficult People in Your Life. We invite you to join our online community, as together we go through the six-week Bible Study based on the teachings of Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth. We’ll tackle the tough issues of living with difficult people and learn how to respond in a godly way!

We all have difficult people in our lives—whether it’s in the home, workplace, church, neighborhood, or somewhere else. The question is, how do you live with these kinds of people and respond to them with godly wisdom?

First Samuel 25 tells an amazing story of an extraordinary woman who did just that. She’s not as well-known as some of the other women in the Bible like Mary of Nazareth or Deborah or Sarah. But this woman, Abigail, has so much to teach us through the example of her life.

Through our new six-week study, based on the teachings of Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, you’ll dive deep into the tough topics and Christ-centered truths throughout Abigail’s story—and learn how to respond to difficult people in a discerning, godly way.

Get your copy of Abigail: Living with the Difficult People in Your Life here. (For friends outside of the United States and Canada, you can get a digital copy of the study.)


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Abigail Online Study Schedule

To get even more from your study, visit the Facebook LIVE videos that were done during the original Abigail study. Our own Paula Marsteller (and an occasional guest) met for honest conversations that will kickstart your weekly Abigail Bible study. We want to get you thinking and wrestling with a specific, practical application of one of the truths you’ll learn in your Abigail study that week, with the opportunity for you to join in the discussion. (We hope you'll use the online study, but we also want you to know the booklet can be fully completed apart from the supplemental online content.) Here’s what you can look forward to:

Launch Party

If you missed the Abigail Online Study Launch Party with Paula Marsteller and Leslie Bennett, catch it here as they talk about dealing with difficult people in the church.

Week 1

If you missed Week 1 with Paula Marsteller and New York Times best-selling author Karen Ehman, catch it here. (We had technical issues, so fast forward to 7:55 to catch the "meat.") In this video, we'll ask the question, "With as many difficult people as I know, could I also be guilty of being a difficult person in someone else's life?" Let's examine our words and find out as we talk about Karen's book, Keep It Shut.

Week 2

Paula Marsteller shares what she believes is the most important thing to have a good grasp on when it comes to dealing with difficult people. Watch it here.

Week 3

When you respond to a crisis, do you make things better or worse? Learn several helpful, practical tips about peacemaking as Paula Marsteller talks with professional Christian mediator Tara Barthel.

Week 4

You won’t want to miss this powerful conversation between Paula Marsteller and Vaneetha Risner. Vaneetha has forgiven horrible, life-altering wrongs not just once, not just twice, but three times. Learn why, in Vaneetha’s words, “Forgiveness isn’t just something we do for God, forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves.”

Week 5

The Imprecatory Psalms present us with a real problem. Are we to call down curses on our enemies? And if so, how do we reconcile this with Jesus’ command to love our enemies? Paula Marsteller tackles that tension head-on in this broadcast. (Jump ahead to 2:20 to catch it. ) 

Week 6

Paula Marsteller and Erin Davis wrap up this study with a conversation about Erin's zero-tolerance bitterness policy. They experience some head-scratching technical difficulties, so catch the main content around the eleven-minute mark. 

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