Erin Davis: Welcome back to the Women of the Bible podcast. I’m Erin Davis. We’re so glad you could join us. This season is all about Abigail.

When you think about women of the Bible, you might not think about Abigail. But as we walk through this study titled Abigail: Living with the Difficult People in Your Life, you’re going to love Abigail. And . . . you’re going to learn to deal with the difficult people in your life.

So we are gathered around a table with our Bibles open in this Bible study. I’ve got some friends of mine who have joined me. I’ll let them introduce themselves in a moment. 

But that’s our hope for you. I hope that you are not just walking through this study on your own. I hope that you are gathered with women, with neighbors. This is only session two. There’s still time. Call your friend who lives three states away and say, “Let’s walk through the Abigail study together. Let’s listen to the podcast episodes. Let’s discuss. 

Any time we open the Bible, it’s good, it’s profitable. It’s good for our hearts. There is something about opening the Bible with other women and looking at it with multiple angles. And that’s what this is.

If it sounds like we are a bunch of women chatting, that’s what we are doing. We’re not Bible experts. We don’t have it all figured out, but we love the Word of God and want …