Erin Davis: Welcome back to the Women of the Bible podcast. I’m Erin Davis. We’re so glad you could join us. This season is all about Abigail.

When you think about women of the Bible, you might not think about Abigail. But as we walk through this study titled Abigail: Living with the Difficult People in Your Life, you’re going to love Abigail. And . . . you’re going to learn to deal with the difficult people in your life.

So we are gathered around a table with our Bibles open in this Bible study. I’ve got some friends of mine who have joined me. I’ll let them introduce themselves in a moment. 

But that’s our hope for you. I hope that you are not just walking through this study on your own. I hope that you are gathered with women, with neighbors. This is only session two. There’s still time. Call your friend who lives three states away and say, “Let’s walk through the Abigail study together. Let’s listen to the podcast episodes. Let’s discuss. 

Any time we open the Bible, it’s good, it’s profitable. It’s good for our hearts. There is something about opening the Bible with other women and looking at it with multiple angles. And that’s what this is.

If it sounds like we are a bunch of women chatting, that’s what we are doing. We’re not Bible experts. We don’t have it all figured out, but we love the Word of God and want to point you to it.

So without further ado (that was a lot of ado), let me introduce you to my friends. First is my friend Meg. Meg and I really hang out. We live in neighboring towns. We attend the same church. A couple of years ago you were newly married and you texted me or emailed me.

Meg Honnold: I sent up an S.O.S.

Erin: And you said, “I would love . . .” What did you say?

Meg: I need a mentor. 

Erin: And you asked for a marriage mentor. And I said, “I can’t help you there.” (laughter)

I’ve been married almost twenty years, and I do not have the thing figured out. So I think I said, “I don’t know that I’m the right marriage mentor, but let’s have coffee.”

So we have a favorite Starbucks, and we like to hang out.

Meg loves Jesus, and you’re supposed to be introducing yourself. And here’s my litmus test for good friends. I want to know your perfect Friday night.

Meg: Perfect Friday night. I’m kind of boring. Honestly, I call myself an extroverted introvert. I can go into a crowd. I can do the parties. But my perfect Friday night is a nice night outside. I’ll take a hammock. I’ll take a book. I’ll take a mug of tea. And I’m going to go and be quiet. I’ll enjoy the great outdoors. Hopefully my husband is there. That’s my perfect Friday night.

Erin: Kesha and I are friends too, but we don’t live near each other. I live in the Midwest, and where do you live, Kesha?

Kesha Griffin: L.A.

Erin: You’ve always been an L.A. girl.

Kesha: Always. Born and raised in California. I’m a city girl.

Erin: And what’s your perfect Friday night?

Kesha: A perfect Friday night . . . Netflix and chill with my husband.

Erin: Alright, we can be friends. If you need me to spend my Friday night out with cute clothes on, doing things . . . no, I can’t. I need Netflix and hammocks.

Kesha: Does that mean we are getting old?

Erin: I think it does. I think that’s what it means. But Meg’s young!

Meg: Not to call you the old ones.

Erin: Don’t you think that the older we get the more we just want …