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Erin Davis: Welcome back to the Women of the Bible Podcast. I’m Erin Davis, I hope you’ve been following along with us as we’ve been walking through the study Abigail: Living with the Difficult People in Your Life. Abigail’s story is found in a single chapter of the Bible. She’s a hidden gem that maybe you’ve known before, maybe you haven’t. But we love her. We all want to be “Abigails” at the end of this Study. 

I’m gathered with some friends of mine. You’ve gotten to know them already through this podcast, but I’ll let them reintroduce themselves. I want you to tell us: what does it look like for you to open God’s Word with women in your own life?

Kesha Griffin: Well, my name is Kesha Griffin. I actually love, love, love, getting together with the ladies of my church. We normally get together once a month for our women’s fellowship. What we do is, I usually come with a lesson and then we have very open discussion. I present the information, present the topics, and the ladies just chime in. It’s just so good to hear everyone’s perspective. We’re learning from each other. We’re hearing how it applies in our lives from a different perspective. So that’s how I love to get together with the ladies at church.

Erin: Getting women to talk—never a challenge. But using the Bible, and using that as our guide, and …