Erin Davis: Welcome to the Women of the Bible podcast! I’m Erin Davis. We’re so glad that you’re joining us! This season is all about a woman of the Bible you may not have studied before. Her name is Abigail.

Joining me are some great friends. We’re going to be walking through Abigail’s story together over the next few episodes. I would love for them to introduce themselves to you. First, I have my friend Kesha. Kesha, tell the ladies listening about yourself.

Kesha Griffin: Hi, everyone. My name is Kesha Griffin and I am from Los Angeles, where I attend church. My husband is the pastor there, and I also serve in the women’s ministry there. I’m a blogger: Bible Thinking Woman, and I just look forward to this great study of Abigail together.

Erin: Have you always lived in L.A.?

Kesha: Always, born and raised. Love it . . . except the cost! 

Erin: Yes, sure! I’ve been to L.A. a few times, and I have to say—I’m a farm girl who lives on a farm in Missouri—just the number of roads and the number of people was a little overwhelming to me! But someday I’m going to come to L.A. and be on the Price Is Right

Kesha: I’ll take you to visit.

Erin: Alright! I’m also joined by another friend, Joy. Tell us about yourself, Joy.

Joy McClain: I am Joy McClain, and I live just south of Indianapolis. I’ve been married for thirty-four years, …