Erin Davis: Welcome back to the Women of the Bible Podcast, I’m Erin Davis, and we’ve been walking through a Bible study on Abigail. When you think of the women of the Bible, you might not think about Abigail, but her story is such a treasure. It’s helping us know how to deal with the difficult people in our lives with grace, with discernment, and by honoring the Lord. 

Now, I’m walking through the study with some friends of mine. We are enjoying opening our Bibles and digging into God’s Word together. I hope you have some friends gathered around your table. We just had a really yummy lunch, and I hope you have yummy snacks with the ladies that you are walking through this study with. 

I know you’ve already heard from them, this is episode four, but I would love for them to introduce themselves again. And because we just ate a really yummy lunch, and because I’m always thinking about food, tell them your name and your favorite dessert.

Kesha Griffin: Okay, my name is Kesha Griffin. My favorite dessert . . . hmmmm . . . that’s hard.

Erin: Cause there’s so many good ones.

Kesha: I would say it would have to be some type of cookie. Chocolate chip cookie and ice cream. 

Erin: I like it. That is hard to beat. Okay. How about you?

Joy McClain: Oh, I’m Joy. I agree. Cookies, chocolate, in any way, shape, form. But I also like anything …