Resources by Topic: Friendships & Mentoring

Message 12: An Unexpected Blessing

Independence has always come easier for Robyn than submission. But seeing as submission is God’s idea, Robyn has sought to do just that. Lean in as she explains what godly submission is—and what it is not.

Robyn McKelvy Is independence more your style than submission? Robyn can relate. Lean in as she shares what godly submission is—and is not. Continue Reading 

Message 13: Life-Givers in Training

Do you view children as a burden or a blessing? Robyn shows from Psalm 127 that children are delightful gifts from God—as well as valuable assets. Be inspired by this mom of ten to enjoy children as God does, and to know that your investment in them is worth every minute.

Robyn McKelvy This mom of ten offers an inspiring message from Psalm 127 reminding us that children are valuable assets and delightful gifts from God. Continue Reading 

Message 14: Instruments of Grace

Do you consider kindness weak and wimpy . . . or powerful enough to move mountains? In this message, Nancy shares the surprising power of this overlooked virtue. She also wraps up the conference by discussing what is at stake if we don’t practice Titus 2 life-to-life discipleship.

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth Do you consider kindness wimpy . . . or powerful enough to move mountains? Learn about the surprising power of kindness. Continue Reading