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An Encounter with Friendship

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Leslie Basham: If you like to get things done, does the biblical story of Mary and Martha kind of bother you? Here’s Erin Davis.

Erin Davis: I don’t believe Jesus was trying to make Martha the poster child for all that’s wrong with type-A. I think He was being a true friend.

Leslie: This is the Revive Our Hearts for Wednesday, May 7, 2014.

Nancy Leigh DeMoss: It is a great joy to have a guest teacher, Erin Davis, with us for this series here at Revive Our Hearts. If you’ve not been able to hear the first two sessions, you can go to and pull up the transcript or the audio. We’ve never done this in all these years. We’ve had other guests on the broadcast, but not another teacher.

I’ve watched Erin grow over the years. I’ve seen her love for …

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