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Leslie Basham: Betty Huizenga says when an older woman becomes a mentor, it benefits the body of Christ in many ways.

Betty Huizenga: Mentors can be surrogate grandparents for those who do not have their parents around. We have children who have moved away, so we know what that’s like, that the kids don’t always have someone to take to the grandparent’s day at school.

You can do that. Mentors, older people, have so many talents and gifts they can share in their churches that they’re not doing. Just look around you and think of the things you can do to help the young families in church, to teach them things you’ve learned, the men, as well as the women. It just makes such a difference.

Leslie: This is Revive Our Hearts with Nancy Leigh DeMoss for Tuesday, July 31.

We’ve been in a much-needed series on mentoring. If you’ve …

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