The True Woman Manifesto

What does it mean to be a true woman of God?


The 30-Day Journey Through the True Woman Manifesto

The True Woman Manifesto is meant to be lived out in your everyday life. But how do you make a manifesto personal and practical? The 30-Day Journey Through the True Woman Manifesto is designed to help you do just that. 

You Can Expect These Five Components on Every Page:

  • A focused statement from the True Woman Manifesto
  • Scripture references to study that day’s statement
  • One or two “making it personal” questions to help you apply the statement to your life
  • Space to journal your response to the question(s)
  • Recommended content to help you further explore each statement




Go Deeper Resources for the True Woman Manifesto

Each day of the 30-Day Journey Through the True Woman Manifesto has a variety of resources you can use to study the day's point at a deeper level. Download this resource to link to the various extra material.

Download Go Deeper Resources




True Woman Manifesto Teaching Series

Every area of our lives is impacted by whether or not we live out God’s design for our lives as women.” Join Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth as she walks through each point of the Manifesto in this in-depth teaching series.