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The Value of Older Women Teaching Younger Women

Leslie Basham: Who teaches a woman how to become a wife and mom? A woman named Marlene has pondered this question. She experienced loss early in life.

Marlene: I lost my mother at a very young age.

Leslie: She didn’t have a mom to show her how to love her husband and children. She felt that loss as a young wife and mom and then she met a very important person.

Marlene: There’s a young lady sitting here, Gwen, and we were neighbors. There were other women who spoke into my life as I was becoming a mother and a wife and going through a very difficult marriage. She modeled that for me and still does today. Her season of life parallels ahead of my season, and she models life. Because she models life for me, she can speak into my life because I know what she’s talking about.

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