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A Commitment to Permanence

Leslie Basham: Susan Henson prays that our nation will embrace purity beginning with older women in the church.

Susan Henson: We have not carried out our mandate, Lord. When we look at Titus 2, and it says that the older women are to teach the younger women to be lovers of their husbands and lovers of their children and to teach the younger women how to be pure. We have failed in that area. We have not equipped our women and our mothers how to equip our children, Father.

We believe that You and Your Word is our valid solution to our moral epidemic we’re facing in our world. But, Lord, we have been dangerously anemic and impotent in instruction and the application and accountability of teaching this to our people.

Help us, Lord, to stand in the battle and equip our people, equip our loved ones and our children …

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