• 10 January ‘22 – 14 January ‘22

Revive Our HeartsThe Wonder of the Word

Do you know that you own a priceless treasure that people of ages past sacrificed much to get? That treasure, the Bible, is still effective and sufficient to change lives, even after thousands of years. Nancy reminds us that God's Word is truly an incredible Book and issues a challenge for us to spend time alone with God.

Episodes in this season

The Light

What is the most unique book you’ve ever read? The most helpful? The most truthful? Does the Bible spring to mind? We can take the Word of God for granted. View More →

Outlasting the Critics

When one of the kings received the Word of God, he didn’t like what it said. So he cut the scroll up and threw it in the fire. We would never do that, right? View More →

How Much is the Bible Worth?

As a Christian growing up in communist Bulgaria, Margaret Nikol only had one page of the Bible. Gain a greater appreciation for the gift of God’s Word. View More →

Drink from the Well

As you make decisions, do you ever think about what the Bible says? Is it just a collection of fairy tales? Or is it the powerful Word of God? View More →