• 26 September ‘05 – 7 October ‘05

Follow the Leaders

Nancy walks through passages in the New Testament to help us identify the attitudes and actions we should display toward our spiritual leaders.

Episodes in this season

Getting Along

When kids argue, nothing gets done while you play referee! Hmm. Did you ever think it can be like that for a pastor. View More →

Right Expectations

If every leader were perfect—we’d never be disappointed! So why do we bother following them in the first place? View More →

Under a Microscope

With children there are always good days and bad! Today you may be so impressed with their maturity. Then they blow it big time! Your pastor can be the same. View More →

Is it Ever Okay to Leave?

Church-hopping is so common today, choosing a church for life might sound strange or extreme. But Nancy shows why commitment to a church is important. View More →

No Comparison

In a consumer-oriented society, we like to compare products and get the best value. But churches and pastors are not products! View More →

Holding Him Up

Can you imagine praying for your pastor for an hour everyday? On today's <i>Revive Our Hearts</i> you’ll get to know a man who actually does. View More →