• 1 January ‘24 – 10 January ‘24

Revive Our HeartsGetting Into the Word and Getting the Word Into You

What one thing can you do this year that will make the biggest difference in your life? Discover the transforming power of a daily devotional life. In this series, Nancy shares practical suggestions for making your time in the Word more meaningful.

Episodes in this season

Purity and Direction

What do you do with junk mail? You probably throw most of it away unopened. But when you get a letter from someone you love, you can't wait open it. View More →

Prayerful Reading

Do you understand what you read in the Bible? There is One Person who can help you get more out of your reading than anyone else. View More →

Thoughtful Reading

In an era of social media and technology, you probably take in volumes of information very quickly. But there are times to stop and savor what you read. View More →

Well-Balanced Reading

We all need well-balanced diets. As we begin a new year, many people have made the resolution to eat healthier. But we also need well-balanced spiritual diet. View More →

Write as You Read

There are many helpful Bible study tools on the market, but Nancy shares that one of the best tools is already right in your drawer. View More →

Developing a Hunger

When you eat, you grow less hungry, right? The opposite thing happens when you read the Bible. The more you partake of God’s Word, the more you want. View More →


In a rapidly changing world, when you hear news of crisis after crisis, is anything stable? View More →