How I—An Atheist—Fell In Love With Jesus

I was an ardent atheist, hostile and cold toward God. Evangelical Christians were at the top of my most reviled list. I did not need religion because I had a loving husband, two healthy little boys, a gorgeous house, and money in the bank. Yet I had this hole inside me, and nothing I tried—from shopping to yoga to every New Age philosophy—could fill it.

Until . . .

I started to develop a relationship with my Christian aunt. One day, she asked me to attend a church service with her, and I confessed I was an atheist. I was afraid she would no longer like me, but instead, she invited me to dinner.

I sat through dinner with my arms crossed, barraging my aunt with questions. She politely and patiently answered them and then asked if I would pray with her. Every fiber of my being did not want to, and yet I did. She simply asked the Holy Spirit to soften my heart and open my eyes to the truth.

The next day, I purchased a Bible to get to know my “enemies” better. As I began reading that Bible every day, my heart began to soften. The Word was changing me.

Three months later, on the Fourth of July—Independence Day from my old self—I invited Jesus into my life. I was born again that second. I got off my knees and knew that my life as I had known it was over.

I cannot begin to express to you how Jesus has changed my life in these last several months. I have read the entire Bible, and the New Testament I have read countless times. I spend two to six hours a day in the Word after my children go to bed. (My husband travels for his work and is frequently out of town.) I am so filled with love and joy that I am unrecognizable to even my husband. There literally is not one aspect of my life that has not been completely changed. Every day God reveals more of Himself to me, and all I can utter is “Praise the Lord!”

I didn’t know joy until I knew Jesus.


A couple days after being "born again," Heidi found Revive Our Hearts on the Internet and has listened every day since. We filmed her at a True Woman Conference—you can watch her story and see pictures of her and her family on this short video.

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