• 6 July ‘21 – 16 July ‘21

Revive Our HeartsThe Beauty of Meekness

Nancy shares the importance of having a meek spirit toward God and others and tells us how we can cultivate it in our own lives. Tune in and discover the beauty of meekness and the difference it can make to you.

Episodes in this season

Meekness and Trust

What comes to mind when you hear the word “meekness"? If a negative image comes to mind, listen as Nancy describes the beauty of meekness. View More →

Think Before You React

Do you want to learn meekness? Then prepare to deal with some difficult people. Find out how God uses annoyances and aggravation to teach meekness. View More →

Be Clothed in Meekness

The meek shall inherit the earth. That might sound a little vague, until you realize meekness applies to email, phone calls, and conflicts. View More →