• 18 August ‘10 – 26 August ‘10

Revive Our HeartsGirls Gone Wise, with Mary Kassian

The phrase "girls gone wild" has entered pop culture vocabulary over the last couple years. But it’s a very old concept. Proverbs 7 describes a girl gone wild, showing us how destructive her behavior is.  Mary Kassian unpacks this chapter, inviting you to be a girl gone wise.

Episodes in this season

Warning: Wild Women Ahead

If you were flipping through TV channels, you’d find many examples of girls gone wild. The type of wild behavior you see in popular culture. View More →

Where Do You Get Your Counsel?

The average woman is exposed to 70 hours of mass media per week, according to Mary Kassian. She’ll help you figure out how to sort out all the media options. View More →

Who Directs Your Love Story?

Who directs your love story? Are you trying to manipulate people and situations? Or are you trusting your relationships to the only One you can really trust? View More →

The Value of Boundaries

Mary Kassian says that when it comes to their relationships with men, women need firm hedges before temptation comes; otherwise, wise decisions will be harder. View More →