• 24 January ‘08 – 6 February ‘08

Revive Our HeartsA Vision for Biblical Womanhood

When women embrace a God-given vision of biblical womanhood; homes, churches, and cultures are transformed. Nancy explains biblical passages that describe the roles of men and women in a series that will motivate you to serve God in uniquely feminine ways.

Episodes in this season

The Desire to Control

Nancy Leigh DeMoss used to view femininity as a barrier to ministry. Hear about the journey she’s been on to embrace womanhood as a gift from God. View More →

Equally Important

Does the Bible teach that men are more valuable or more important than women? Nancy addresses that question and what it means for you. View More →

Fulfilling Biblical Roles

Are there any differences between men and women? Nancy explains how this is an important question because it reveals a lot about one's beliefs. View More →

The Time Is Now

Why is the debate about gender roles in the home and the church such a big deal? Nancy tells why this issue matters. View More →