• 3 August ‘20 – 13 August ‘20

Revive Our HeartsRahab and the Thread of Redemption

God weaves characters into His story of redemption in some surprising ways. Learn about one of these unlikely heroes as Nancy explores the life of Rahab, a pagan prostitute who met God and entered the family line that God would use to one day usher in the Messiah.

Episodes in this season

Written into God’s Script

When God told His people to destroy the city of Jericho, why did He choose to have mercy on one woman? Hear about Rahab’s redemption and God’s power. View More →

God Is Working

Some heroes of the Bible found themselves in an unlikely place—the house of a prostitute. Hear how God works in unpredictable places. View More →

The Scarlet Thread

Rahab was told to hang a scarlet cord out her window. That seems like an insignificant gesture, yet it saved her life. View More →

Grace for Today

Does the sin of your past have to keep you from moving forward in your relationship with God? Hear from women who have found freedom. View More →