Episodes: Missional Living

Missional Living

True Heroes of the Faith

How to Serve While Lonely and Discouraged

Surrendered to God’s Call

Surrendering Your Children to God’s Call

Accelerating the Movement in Southeast Asia

God’s Spirit at Work in Latin America

Mujer Verdadera 2015: A Guided Tour

A Big God Does Big Things

When God Puts a Burden on Your Heart

Is There Anything I Can Do?

Potential Pitfalls of Servanthood

The Need for Service

A Difficult Day and a Sovereign God

A Godly Legacy

Devoted to God

Love Awakened

Motivated by His Glory

Elisabeth Elliot Memorial Service

Living as an Ambassador

Representing Jesus Well

Finding Hope in the Silence, Day 4

For Such a Time as This in South Africa

God Is Writing a Story: Alexandra

God Is Writing a Story: Maria

God Is at Work in Iran, Day 1

God Is at Work in Iran, Day 2

Good News Across the Globe

Finding God in the Hard Places

Joni and Friends Camp Part 1

Joni and Friends Camp Part 2

Joni and Friends Camp Part 3

Priorities and Perseverance

Making the Most of an Accident

I Was Naked and You Clothed Me

Unleashing Your Children's Talents

A Massive Gospel Opportunity

Foster Parenting Means Dying to Ourselves

Foster Parenting and the Love of Our Father

How Do You Say Goodbye?

God Blesses You for a Reason

A Heart to Reach the World

A Revived Church on the Move

A Country-Wide Burden

Praying for Revival in Latin America

A Daughter's Faith and a Mom's Faith

Persevering Through the Storm

An Unlikely Convert, Day 5

A Faithful Servant

A Servant's Heart


Service and the Kingdom of God

Seven Snapshots

The Highest Calling

Today's Servants

Addicted to Big

Sharing a Passion for the Beauty of the Gospel

How to Care for Caregivers

Sharing the Stories That Truly Matter

The Power of a True Story

Ten Things I've Learned

Becoming a Gospel Patron

Giving Like God Has Given to You

The Contagious Joy of Generosity

A Massive Gospel Opportunity

The Heart of Compassion

The Courage to Get Involved

The Courage to Get Involved

A Surrendered Mom

One Surrendered Life

Two Submitted Lives

Two Surrendered Lives

The Power of a Consecrated Life, Part 1

Channels of God's Generosity

Share What Jesus Is Doing in Your Life

To Gain What You Cannot Lose, Day 1

To Gain What You Cannot Lose, Day 2

To Gain What You Cannot Lose, Day 3

How Imperfect Women Can Help Other Imperfect Women

Embracing Truth When Your Children Are Shaken

What Legacy Are You Leaving?