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Snapshots of Compassion: Thailand

Airline Flight Attendant: Ladies and gentlemen, the cabin crew will start doing passenger head count. 

Nora Duncan: I was on an airplane flying over Bangkok with the team from Revive Our Hearts.

Airline Flight Attendant: Please remain in your seat. 

Nora: We were excited, but extremely tired! We had started our journey in Chicago, and then we flew over the Arctic Circle, over Russia, over China, we had a brief layover in South Korea . . . and finally we were about to reach our destination in Thailand! 

(In case you’re wondering, this was five months before COVID-19 and the travel bans.) We descended into Bangkok and saw the huge city spread out all around. We were about to see some heartbreaking situations firsthand. But we were also going to discover that this was a place of hope!

We came hoping to show compassion to those who needed it, but …

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Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

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