• 8 January ‘18 – 26 January ‘18

Revive Our HeartsAdorned: Living Out the Beauty of the Gospel Together

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth and her friends teach about pursuing God’s pattern of discipleship. Through this set of messages on Titus 2, you’ll be challenged to live (and thrive) in community. As we live out Christ’s beauty before a dying world, we become more and more adorned with the gospel—together.

Episodes in this season

Better Together

Titus 2 tells older women to teach younger women. Have you ever been in that kind of mentoring relationship? A group of women introduce Titus 2. View More →

A Woman Adorned and Adorning

Nancy says you need spiritual mothers in your life, spiritual sisters, and spiritual daughters. She’ll help you recognize who God may want you to connect with. View More →

Doctrine, You, and Titus 2

Would you want to drink a glass filled with waste? Wouldn’t you want it to be pure? Developing pure thinking is just as important as drinking pure water. View More →

Grow Up and Step Up

Susan Hunt knows she’s on the last leg of life’s journey. But she wants to stay engaged in God’s will to the very end. View More →

Revival of Reverence

Everything you do matters, and you can do it as your worship to the Lord. Mary Kassian shows how to make every moment count. View More →

You Don’t Say

Dámaris Carbaugh defines “slander” and helps you evaluate whether your life could be slandering the Lord. View More →

At Liberty

Could you live without your phone? Is it the first thing you look at when you wake up? The first thing you look at before you go to bed? Could you be addicted? View More →

Passionate About Purity

Dannah Gresh knew she had been forgiven for impure choices as a teenager. But when she confessed her past to her husband, she felt freedom. View More →

A Taste of Heaven

Betsy Gómez was a young and upcoming marketing executive who thought she was taking care of her son because she had hired a full-time nanny. View More →

Need Help Lovin’ That Man

How can you develop a friendship and love a husband who has hurt you deeply? Dannah Gresh knows what it’s like to walk through deep valleys in marriage. View More →

Instruments of Grace

Life's all about how we can shine a spotlight on Jesus and make the redemption story visible to those who need to hear it. View More →