Main Sessions

Oct. 9, 2008

  1. Kim’s Marriage Miracle (Profile Video)

    Kimberly Wagner

    Kim Wagner's marriage began so idyllically, yet degenerated to the point that her once-confident pastor husband was depressed and experienced a faith crisis.

  2. The Ultimate Meaning of True Womanhood

    John Piper

    Pastor John Piper opens the True Woman conference speaking on what it is to be a True Woman from the perspective of the Bible.

  3. From Him, Through Him, To Him

    Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

    Nancy unfolds Romans 11:33-36 and provides the framework to build your life around in her opening message from True Woman 08.

Oct. 10, 2008

  1. You've Come a Long Way, Baby!

    Mary Kassian

    Mary Kassian explores how the philosophy of feminism developed and was integrated into our culture. She shares what true womanhood is all about.

  2. A Resolve to Believe

    Karen Loritts

    Karen Loritts had an unexpected crisis of fear. She describes how it affected her spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

  3. A Woman after God's Own Heart

    Janet Parshall

    Janet Parshall helps us see the familiar story of Hannah with a fresh perspective as she explores how God used Hannah’s faith and prayers.

  4. God's Jewels

    Joni Eareckson Tada

    If you feel discouraged doing the activity God has called you to, listen to Joni Eareckson Tada. She’ll share what she’s been learning through suffering.

Oct. 11, 2008

  1. Panel Discussion

    Mary Kassian, Holly Elliff, Bob Lepine, Karen Loritts, Carolyn McCulley, Barbara Rainey

    Reflecting true womanhood can be very challenging, even for those who publicly speak about it. The panel explains why we need each other to overcome challenges.

  2. Lorna’s Story of Forgiveness (Profile Video)

    Lorna Wilkinson

    When Lorna's husband began drinking heavily, she decided that the answer to her problems was divorcing him. But . . . God!

  3. For Such a Time as This

    Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

    Watch how God uses ordinary and imperfect people to accomplish His purposes.

Breakout Sessions

Oct. 10, 2008

  1. Default Image

    Teen Track—Lies About the Future

    Dannah Gresh

    God loves you, and He wants to love others through you.

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    Teen Track—Lies About Myself

    Dannah Gresh

    God says I'm fearfully and wonderfully made. God says He's held captive by my beauty.

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    Teen Track—Truth or Bare

    Dannah Gresh

    There is one topic that pushes a lot of hot buttons, more than any other topic—modesty.

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    Teen Track—Covenant Sexuality

    Dannah Gresh

    Dannah Gresh addresses the lies about guys, myself, and the future in the Teen Track.

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    Finding Truth in the Marketplace of Ideas

    Janet Parshall

    Identify those bad ideas that are taking women captive and to assist you in learning how to know, seek, and love real truth.

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    Turning the Tide

    Holly Elliff

    Discover what could happen if you began to view the call to mothering through the lens of God's perspective.

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    Making Your Home a Place of Love and Peace

    Devi Titus

    Learn the value of using your home as a place of ministry to others, bringing to them the principles of God's love and peace in their lives.

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    Planting Seeds of Purity

    Susan Henson

    Discover biblical truths and practical tools that will equip you to proactively lead your child (ages 0-13) toward a future of courageous faith and purity.

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    Radical Womanhood

    Carolyn McCulley

    Carolyn explains her personal journey from feminism to faith and offers practical encouragement to women making the same journey.

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    Girls Gone Wild

    Mary Kassian

    21 biblical traits and corresponding set of questions that evaluate whether our personal behavior and ideas are in line with what God deems beautiful.

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    Prayer: A Lasting Legacy

    Fern Nichols

    What impact will your life have on future generations? Learn principles that will change your prayer life and ignite you to pray for your children.

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    Finding New Purpose

    Barbara Rainey

    Find direction and encouragement in finding ways to use your second half of life for kingdom purposes.

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    Trust God With Your Singleness

    Carolyn McCulley

    Look at "solo femininity" through the lens of Proverbs 31. This session provides a road map for the single season and much encouragement for the journey.

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    Portrait of Friendship

    Karen Loritts

    God created women with the unique yearning to develop and nurture relationships. Explore some of the key ingredients of friendships that last.

Oct. 11, 2008

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    Facilitating a True Woman Manifesto Ceremony

    Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

    Facilitating a True Woman Manifesto Ceremony