Trust God With Your Singleness

Oct. 10, 2008 Carolyn McCulley speaking at Trust God With Your Singleness

Look at "solo femininity" through the lens of Proverbs 31. This session provides a road map for the single season and much encouragement for the journey.

Running Time: 72 minutes


Carolyn McCulley: I am grateful to see you all here. There have been a group of us praying for you all for a number of weeks, specifically for this particular session. It’s always my heart to see the single women ministered to—maybe it’s a little selfishness on my part, but I am always here to champion my single sisters. I am grateful that you would come to a seminar by an author who wrote a book Did I Kiss Marriage Goodbye? It takes a brave woman to read that book.


I didn’t think through this when I decided that was a great idea for a book title. The very second it released I was at a Christian retailing conference, and this one person said, “Oh, I would love to give your book to my sister-in-law.” I said, “Great, why don’t you take a copy?” and she said, “Oh, I could …

About the Speaker

Carolyn McCulley

Carolyn McCulley

Carolyn McCulley is the author of three books and a conference speaker. She is also the founder of Citygate Films, where she works as a documentary director and editor.