Finding New Purpose

Oct. 10, 2008 Barbara Rainey speaking at Finding New Purpose

Is it normal to feel sad and/or thrilled? How will may marriage be impacted? What should I do with my time? What's next for me? How do I relate to my kids now? Find direction and encouragement in finding ways to use your second half of life for kingdom purposes.

Running Time: 57 minutes


Barbara Rainey: Ladies, thank you for coming. We’re so glad you all are here. I’m Barbara Rainey, and this is Susan Yates, and we want to welcome you to our session. We’re talking about the empty nest. It’s a fairly new season for me and for Susan, and we’ve learned a lot in the last few years that we want to share with you that we hope will make your transition easier, maybe a little bit smoother, but in the end you’ll understand what it’s all about and what God is up to in your life.


About five years ago our youngest left for college, and I remember thinking, “I’ve got to talk to somebody who’s been there, and who can tell me what to do with myself.” Like Karen Loritts said this morning, “I didn’t know what to do. I wasn’t a mother anymore.” I remember thinking, “What do …

About the Speaker

Barbara Rainey

Barbara Rainey

Barbara Rainey is the Co-Founder of FamilyLife, the mother of six and a grandmother to eighteen, as well as a mentor and friend to countless women. She is a gifted communicator and artist who has created, and continues to create, resources that help parents and children connect and impress on their hearts the truth of God's word. Barbara is the Titus 2 woman we all long to spend time learning from and will embolden you to spend time in the Word and be a world changer, while prioritizing family.