Portrait of Friendship

Oct. 10, 2008 Karen Loritts speaking at Portrait of Friendship

God created women with the unique yearning to develop and nurture relationships. Explore some of the key ingredients of developing and maintaining friendships that last.

Running Time: 75 minutes


Karen Loritts: I get to tell the rest of the story after I blubbered my way through this morning. I did pretty good; I didn’t do the ugly cry. I was okay, but I get to tell the other story on how God brought me through as He relates to my girlfriends and my friendships. Thank you for being here.


This is part two, as I said, from this morning. I want to share with you how my friends got me through, and I got a little spanking from my girlfriends, but I made it through. But just before we get into our little outline, I want to read you something by, of all people, Eleanor Roosevelt, President FDR’s wife.

She wrote some time ago, “Many people will walk in and out of our life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.


“To handle yourself, use …

About the Speaker

Karen Loritts

Karen Loritts

Karen Loritts enjoys her four grown children and grandchildren. A speaker, teacher, and author, she has served in ministry since 1972 with her husband, Crawford.