A Resolve to Believe

Oct. 10, 2008 Karen Loritts

After being in ministry for more than thirty years, Karen Loritts had an unexpected crisis of fear. She describes how it affected her spiritually, emotionally, and physically, and how God ultimately used James 4:7–10 to lead her beyond the fear to a stronger faith in Him.

Running Time: 33 minutes


Announcer: Thank you for listening to this message from True Woman ’08, Revive Our Heart’s first National Women’s Conference. It’s our prayer that God blesses you with His Word and His heart as you listen.

Karen Loritts: If you have your Bibles, join me in James chapter 4. Please stand.

The music has been absolutely incredible. I told our song leaders that the theology of hymns—I love praise songs. We sing that a lot at our church. The theology of praise songs are great, but the theology of hymns have stood the test of time. They never get old. They are the things that you can go back to Scripture and sing those hymns out.

But I want us to read James chapter 4, starting with verse 7 to 10. I’m reading from the New American Standard, so it may sound a little different. James chapter 4, verse …


Scripture References

  • James 4:7-10

About the Speaker

Karen Loritts

Karen Loritts

Karen Loritts enjoys her four grown children and grandchildren. A speaker, teacher, and author, she has served in ministry since 1972 with her husband, Crawford.