Meet the Revive ’17 Speakers: Mary Kassian & Dámaris Carbaugh

Whether you’re traveling miles and miles to join us on-site at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis or you have fabulous plans to gather around a laptop to watch the Livestream with a few of your closest friends, we’re thrilled that you will be joining us for Revive ’17.

But if you don’t have plans to tune in to this two-day conference about mentoring, consider this a warm invitation.

Sure, you could plan to simply curl up on your couch with a cup of coffee and your iPad. (And all the introverts smile at the thought. I’m with you there.) But this conference is intentionally designed around this idea: living out the beauty of the gospel together.

This “together” idea sounds like a Livestream party is in order. Maybe that looks like you and your best friend at your kitchen table eating raw cookie dough—or maybe it looks like filling your living room with chairs and passing the pizza and cupcakes. We intentionally leave it up to you—but we are here to lovingly encourage you to do this with someone, older or younger, because it’s God’s grace that has given us each other to lift up and encourage in this Christian life.

My friend Hayley offered some wonderful ideas for a Livestream gathering in this post. Now I’m here to give you a sneak peek into Revive ’17 this week. And when I look at the speaker list, I see the coolest starting lineup of mentors ever. Let’s meet them two of them today.

Meet Mary Kassian

Mary is an author, a distinguished professor of women’s studies at Southern Baptist Seminary, and a familiar voice in the True Woman movement.

My life has been powerfully impacted by Mary’s book Girls Gone Wise, through a small group study led by an older woman who loved me and my friends dearly. It was one of the sweetest times of (structured) mentoring in my life. I wholeheartedly recommend this book for every Christian young woman. (Is there a young woman with whom you could study this book and build a mentoring relationship?)

And if you haven’t seen it, Mary’s message from True Woman ’14 is truly a must-watch. It’s called “Don’t Be a Wimp: Kicking the Habits that Make Women Weak,” and yes, it’s as hard-hitting as it sounds—but in the best grace-filled way possible. I can’t recommend it enough!

At Revive ’17, Mary will teach through these three topics:

  • Doctrine, You, and Titus 2: The “What” and the “Now What”
  • Revival of Reverence: Living in Sacred Service
  • A “Sophron” State of Mind: Developing Self-Control

To get even more acquainted with Mary, take a look at more of her books, blog posts, and Revive Our Hearts radio programs:

You can follow Mary on Twitter and Instagram.

Meet Dámaris Carbaugh

If you’ve never heard or seen Dámaris speak, you will be so glad you did at Revive ’17. She’s just one of those women whose joy and love for Jesus is evident and ridiculously contagious.

Dámaris is Puerto Rican and bilingual; she has taught—in Spanish—at both Mujer Verdadera conferences hosted by Aviva Nuestros Corazones. If you’re feeling ambitious and would like to brush up on your Spanish, you can watch this message that Dámaris gave at Mujer Verdadera ’15 in the Dominican Republic. (By the way, God is moving amazingly in the hearts of women throughout Latin America! Here’s an ANC update.)

Dámaris spoke life-giving words into my heart through this three-day Revive Our Hearts program, “He Restores My Soul.” Join her as she opens Psalm 23 to encourage you from her own struggles with restlessness and depression.

I simply love what she has to say:

If the Lord is my Shepherd, I don’t lack anything. I have everything I need. I have provision, I have protection, I have guidance, I have comfort, I have peace, I have victory. I have everything I need, if the Lord is my Shepherd. ⠀

At Revive ’17, Dámaris will tackle the topic of abstaining from slander. That’s sure to be a challenging session!

Dámaris also has a gorgeous singing voice; check out one of her albums, Walk With Me.

And finally, you can follow her on Twitter.

Join us the rest of the week as we continue to get more acquainted with our Revive ’17 speakers! In the meantime, you can learn more about Revive ’17 LIVE here.

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