Main Sessions

Sept. 29, 2017

  1. Message 1 (Drama): The Storm

    Acts of Renewal

    It’s hard to predict when life’s storms will erupt. But when older women take the time to build into the lives of younger, it can help you ride them out.

  2. Message 1: A Woman Adorned and Adorning

    Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

    Listen in as Nancy casts a vision for living out the beauty of the gospel together—with spiritual mothers, daughters, and sisters.

  3. Message 2 (Drama): Wise Woman Bake Off

    Acts of Renewal

    Living out sound doctrine isn’t just a dry diet of “do this, don’t do that.” It’s a rich mixture of behavior and relationship.

  4. Message 2: Doctrine, You, and Titus 2

    Mary Kassian

    We all have a doctrine. But is it healthy? Consider your own against the backdrop of Titus 2:1. After all, it’s right thinking that leads to right living.

  5. Message 3 (Drama): Modeling

    Acts of Renewal

    The stories of our faith aren’t meant for us alone. They’re to be shared and help those who come after us . . . even long after we’re gone.

  6. Message 3: Don't Give Up on That Modeling Career

    Susan Hunt

    Lean in close as Susan shares four truths she wishes she’d known earlier as well as how to age in grace and dependence on God.

  7. Message 4 (Drama): Dorcas

    Acts of Renewal

    Can you imagine the scene after the death of Dorcas, when the widows weep in front of Peter? It’s a picture of friendship and faith, don’t cha know.

  8. Message 4: Grow Up & Step Up

    Susan Hunt

    What does older women training younger women have to do with creation, the fall, redemption, and transformation? Everything, says Susan.

  9. Message 5 (Drama): The Cooking Lesson

    Acts of Renewal

    A cooking lesson leads to more than just mixing, measuring, and melting. In the process, trust is built, lives are blended, and faith starts to marinade.

  10. Message 5: Revival of Reverence

    Mary Kassian

    Mary explains why every moment is sacred for the believer and challenges us to “start a revival of reverence.”

  11. Message 6: You Don't Say

    Dámaris Carbaugh

    You may not slander others verbally, but has your life slandered or misrepresented the character of God?

Sept. 30, 2017

  1. Message 7: At Liberty

    Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

    Nancy asks us to examine the task masters in our lives and reminds us that we have been set free to serve a new Master now.

  2. Message 8: A "Sophron" State of Mind

    Mary Kassian

    Do you want more self-control? If so, Mary says we need to deal with the beliefs behind our behavior.

  3. Message 9 (Drama): Purity

    Acts of Renewal

  4. Message 9: Passionate About Purity

    Dannah Gresh

    Are you struggling to be pure? Dannah reminds us that we can’t be pure on our own . . . but Jesus can purify us.

  5. Message 10: Taste of Heaven

    Betsy Gómez

    Do you prioritize and value your work at home? Be encouraged and challenged by Betsy’s testimony.

  6. Message 11: Need Help Lovin' That Man

    Dannah Gresh

    Dannah’s transparent story will encourage you to go deeper in your love for your husband.

  7. Message 12: An Unexpected Blessing

    Robyn McKelvy

    Is independence more your style than submission? Robyn can relate. Lean in as she shares what godly submission is—and is not.

  8. Message 13: Life-Givers in Training

    Robyn McKelvy

    This mom of ten offers an inspiring message from Psalm 127 reminding us that children are valuable assets and delightful gifts from God.

  9. Message 14: Instruments of Grace

    Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

    Do you consider kindness wimpy . . . or powerful enough to move mountains? Learn about the surprising power of kindness.