7 Ways to Connect at Revive ’17 LIVE!

On the True Woman blog this month, we’ve been talking a lot about the importance of the local church. We love churches, pastors, and genuine community. (We want you to go there first for counseling, biblical teaching, and corporate worship—much more than we want you to read our posts or attend our events!)

You may be asking . . . then why does Revive Our Hearts host women’s conferences?

The short answer: We’re here to come alongside your church. We want to encourage church leadership by helping them cast a beautiful vision for true revival and biblical femininity. We want women to participate in our events and go home with fresh joy in their salvation—and impact others for the kingdom.

Part of that vision is helping women build life-to-life relationships with other women. That’s why we’re co-hosting Revive ’17 LIVE with Moody Publishers—a special event to help you and your Christian sisters learn what Titus 2 discipleship could look like in your life and church. We’re providing this event as a fun, Christ-centered time you can use to connect with others.

What could that look like?

1. You could make Revive ’17 LIVE a special event for your church.

This event is a wonderful opportunity to get your church sisters together. Maybe you wanted to bring a group to Revive ’17 in Indianapolis, but tickets sold out before you could register. Why don’t you bring the conference home to your church? If you want some posters or giveaways, you can get those, too. Maybe you could even put together some tote bags with Revive Our Hearts books, bookmarks, and other goodies so your ladies can get the full experience!

We know . . . planning a women’s event involves lots of details, so our team has compiled a helpful checklist so you can make sure all your bases are covered. You can do this!

2. You could use Revive ’17 LIVE to kick-off a new church program, small group, or Bible study.

Have you considered starting a Titus 2 sisterhood like Nancy’s? Or maybe you want to start your fall Bible study with something life-changing. After last year’s Cry Out! live prayer event, we heard many stories of ladies kicking off new “wailing women” or “Cry Out” prayer groups in their homes, churches, and communities. Maybe a girls’ weekend (complete with fuzzy slippers) is just what you need to get this started. (Psst . . . want to hear a secret? There’s a small group study guide for Adorned coming later this year. Watch for more details to come!)

3. You could practice hospitality by hosting a Revive ’17 LIVE viewing in your home.

Do you have a Pinterest recipe you’ve been wanting to test out on willing victims? Maybe you have the most comfortable couch in the neighborhood. Perhaps you just happen to know where the chocolate and snack aisle is in the grocery store. Whether you can host a group of twenty plus or a handful of close friends, God loves when His children show hospitality. Invite some ladies over, help them feel at home, and learn from the Word together as you watch the messages.

4. You could connect with other believers in your area through a Revive ’17 LIVE group.

Maybe you’re not so much the hosting type. Or maybe you’d love to host, but just don’t know who to invite! We can help you out. Check out our Revive ’17 LIVE map. There may be a group near you who would love to have you!

If you’re looking for friends, you could register your own group as “open” and see who comes! Perhaps you’ll learn like Elijah did that there is still a faithful remnant where you live . . . and meet some long-lost sisters in Christ.

5. You could invite your Spanish-speaking friends to watch Revive ’17 LIVE alongside you.

Did you know that our Livestream is bilingual? We’ll be broadcasting in English—¡y en Español! If you know some Latina or Hispanic ladies who would love to have teaching in their heart language, this could be a great opportunity to connect with them. During Revive ’17 LIVE, multi-cultural worship leader Josh Davis will help us sing praise to God with songs in English and Spanish, as well as some other languages. Celebrate how Jesus has broken down the dividing wall and enjoy this event together!

6. You could use the Revive ’17 LIVE messages to help you kickstart a discipleship relationship.

Have you already caught the vision for Titus 2, but just don’t know where to start? When you sign up to watch the Livestream, our team will provide you with a free mentoring kickstart guide after the conference! This handy download will give you tips and ideas from ordinary women who love discipling other women. Do you have someone in mind to mentor? Invite her over, break out the coffee, and watch the teaching together. You may just start a lifelong friendship.

7. You could use Revive ’17 LIVE to encourage an older or younger woman.

Maybe a housebound woman could use a visit . . . and a reminder that God’s people are still there and faithful. You could bring over your laptop—and maybe some flowers or a copy of Adorned on audio—and enjoy the conversations that flow from watching together. Or . . . you could have the youth group girls over and host a Titus 2 weekend. (Tip: Teenage girls who love Jesus also love junk food and staying up all night!) Whatever your season of life, this event could be a great opportunity to connect with another generation of true women.

What do you think? Do you have some ideas I’ve missed? We at True Woman would love to hear your brainstorming. In whatever creative ways you decide to join, we hope you will join the growing sisterhood watching Revive ’17 LIVE on September 29–30! For all the details and resources you need, visit Revive17.com/livestream.

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Hayley Mullins

Hayley Mullins

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