Meet the Revive ’17 Speakers: Betsy Gómez and Robyn McKelvy

We’ve been getting acquainted with the Revive ’17 speakers this week. Today, we’re meeting a couple of speakers you may not be as familiar with—but you will absolutely want to get to know these women!

Meet Betsy Torres de Gómez

Betsy Gómez is the blog manager for Joven Verdadera (translation: Young True Woman) and is the Aviva Nuestros Corazones team’s media supervisor. And basically, Betsy is the coolest. She’s a mom of two young boys and is currently living in North Carolina, where both she and her husband are attending Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary—but they are originally from the Dominican Republic. She’s genuinely a joy to be around, because her smile and love for her Savior are simply infectious.

Betsy writes frequently for Joven Verdadera, and every Monday she publishes a new vlog. Of course, all her posts are en español, but I would still encourage you to take a look.

I think the best way for you to get to know Betsy before the conference is to listen to this Revive Our Hearts program, in which she shares how God radically changed her perspective of home and family. You can also watch this short video testimony as well.

But that testimony is just the beginning. Since Betsy surrendered her home and career to God’s will, He has done incredible things through her faithfulness and ministry with Aviva Nuestros Corazones!

At Revive ’17, Betsy will bring teaching on the topic of cultivating a heart for home.

You can also catch a glimpse of Betsy’s heart and spirit in this heart prep video from True Woman ’16.

You can follow Betsy on Twitter and Instagram.

Meet Robyn McKelvy

We’re welcoming a brand-new face to our lineup of Revive ’17 speakers! Meet Robyn McKelvy, an author, speaker, wife, and mom of ten.

Robyn has been a guest on FamilyLife Today with our good friends Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine. She and her husband, Ray, are speakers at FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember marriage retreats. Robyn also contributes to the MomLife Today blog. I would highly encourage you to read some of her posts about marriage and family. For starters, I really appreciated these posts:

And after listening to Robyn on this FamilyLife Today program, I’m truly filled with anticipation to hear from her this weekend! Her story is so engaging, and her soothing way of speaking truth is seriously captivating. And what she has to say? Wives, we need this. Take twenty-two minutes to listen to Part 1 before Revive ’17 begins on Friday.

This weekend, Robyn will cover these topics:

  • An Unexpected Blessing: Discovering the Strength and Beauty of Submission
  • Life-Givers in Training: Embracing the Gift of Motherhood

She is the author of Say It Loud! Becoming Your Husband’s Personal Cheerleader and SOS: Sick of Sex.

I hope your anticipation for Revive ’17 is building. Mine sure is! If you haven’t made plans to watch the Livestream yet, visit and sign up. It’s free, and it’s going to be a blessing.

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