Don’t Sink, Cry Out

But when he saw the wind, he was afraid, and beginning to sink he cried out, “Lord, save me.” —Matthew 14:30

I can relate more to Peter as he flailed in fear than I can to Peter walking on water. In Matthew chapter 14, the disciples left Jesus behind on the shore and hopped in a boat to cross the Sea of Galilee. Soon enough, Jesus caught up to His brethren as they huddled together in their storm-tossed boat. Walking on the surface of the water, He approached them. 

Ever eager to impress his Savior, Peter got a burst of confidence, “‘Lord, if it is you, command me to come to you on the water’” (v. 28). 

I wonder if that is how you started this challenge?

  • Did you feel confident in your ability to keep your commitment to cry out to the Lord this month?
  • Were you sure you’d see Him answer in a big way, right away?

Scripture asks us to approach God with confidence (Heb. 4:16) and to pray with boldness (James 1:6), but I find that so often the waves of life cause my confidence to sink. 

  • When I have more tasks on my to do list than I could ever achieve . . . 
  • When I face financial insecurity . . .
  • When my relationships are rocky . . .
  • When the cultural darkness around me seems to worsen . . .

I, like Peter, tend to sink toward despair. I struggle to reach toward prayer as a life raft. 

As I look again at this precious story I am reminded that Peter did not sink. He must have felt like he was going to. He may have been picturing the waves covering him completely, but he stayed afloat. How? He cried out to the Lord.

“And beginning to sink he cried out, ‘Lord, save me’” (v. 30). 

What’s giving you a sinking feeling today? What threatens to overwhelm your confidence in Jesus? Don’t tread water and don’t sink into despair. Cry out to the Lord! And discover, like Peter did, that His hand is already extended toward you.

How to Pray 

Peter’s prayer is simple and powerful. Pray it today for anything that threatens to overwhelm you. 

“‘Lord, save me’” (Matt. 14:30). 

What to Pray

  • Pray for all areas of overwhelmedness, for Jesus to give you renewed confidence in Him. 
  • Pray for a neighbor or friend who is experiencing a storm right now, asking the Lord to help them reach toward Him.

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Erin Davis

Erin Davis

Erin Davis is an author, blogger, and speaker who loves to see women of all ages run to the deep well of God’s Word. She is the author of many books and Bible studies including: 7 Feasts, Connected, Beautiful Encounters, and the My Name Is Erin series. She serves on the ministry team of Revive Our Hearts. When she’s not writing, you can find Erin chasing chickens and children on her small farm in the Midwest.

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