Cry Out for Our Pastors

Editor’s Note: Hello, True Woman readers! Just a reminder that in the month of October, we’re pausing our regular blog content to bring to you an opportunity to Cry Out! in earnest prayer with the Revive Our Hearts family. Rather than bringing you more noise during these days, we hope this content from the 31-Day Cry Out! Email Challenge, will help you to quiet your heart and seek the Lord with us. —Laura Elliott, Managing Editor, Revive Our Hearts

When the humble see it they will be glad; you who seek God, let your hearts revive. —Psalm 69:32

Think of your pastor. Think of pastors all across the nation and world who God has called to be shepherds. These men lead us, they labor to teach and love, and they deal with the problems that face our churches, many of which we don’t even know. In these days and this environment, pastoring is difficult. Many of them are discouraged. They are under pressure, both inside and outside of the church. Prayer is one of the most important ways you can help them.

You can come alongside your pastors by praying for their families and the Lord’s protection. Pray that they would stay the course and preach righteousness and truth. Pray for boldness as they teach the truth of God’s Word. And pray for God to stir up revival.

When we seek God, our hearts are revived (Ps. 69:32). We must pray revival begins in the heart of our pastors. As God revives those who lead us, spiritual awakening spills out to the pews and our communities.

The Lord has power to set the pulpits ablaze with His glory and to do a mighty work in and through pastors. We have the opportunity to join the work God is calling them to do by serving rather than criticizing, by showing grace as they lead us, and by lifting them up that they would be empowered with a vision of the kingdom.

Your prayers for your pastor, and pastors everywhere, matter.

Editor’s note: This devotion was adapted from these prayers by Bill Elliff and Dan Jarvis

How to Pray

Lord, I thank You for the pastors You have called to be shepherds of Your flock. I pray that they will be strong in You, and that You will equip them with Your armor to stand against the enemy’s schemes (Eph. 6:10–11). Awaken their hearts to Your glory and stir up revival to spread through homes, neighborhoods, and congregations.

What to Pray

  • Pray for pastors to preach righteousness and truth to their congregations and to live out that message in their private lives.
  • Ask the Lord for a mighty movement of spiritual awakening in your church that would begin with your pastor.
  • Pray that God would raise up men and women in the church to come alongside pastors in prayer, strengthening and encouraging them.

About the Authors

Bill Elliff

Bill Elliff

Bill Elliff is the Directional Pastor of The Summit Church in Little Rock, Arkansas, and is a frequent conference speaker, writer, and consultant to churches, drawing from more than fifty years of pastoring and revival ministry. He is the Pastor/Church … read more …

Dan Jarvis

Dan Jarvis

Dan Jarvis is an author, speaker, and content strategist for Revive Our Hearts. He and his wife Melissa parent ten children, six of whom they adopted through foster care. Together, their aim is to seek God's kingdom first and … read more …

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