Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

author, host of Revive Our Hearts radio

Belonging to God

Delight in the greatest calling possible—serving the Master you've grown to know, love, and trust.

When It's Hard to Forgive

Do you have a situation where forgiveness seems impossible? Lorna's story will give you help and hope.

Overcoming the Curse of Words

Words are powerful. Death and life are in the power of the tongue. These practical ideas will help you train your tongue.

Playing the 'If Only' Game

The enemy convinces us that the only way we can be different is if our circumstances change. The truth is they merely reveal what we are.

A Sign of Surrender

There is no greater calling than to be marked as His slave—to choose to give my life in the service of the Master.

Regaining Womanhood

What would happen if a remnant of women were willing to embrace God’s priorities and purpose for their lives and live out the beauty and wonder of womanhood?

The Style Quiz

Take this true/false quiz to discover what you really believe about clothing.

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