Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Author and Host , Revive Our Hearts

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Preparing for Revival

These questions have been designed to help you evaluate whether or not you are meeting God’s conditions for revival.

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Begin at My Sanctuary

We would all be quick to agree about the need for repentance outside the walls of our churches. But are we as quick to recognize our own need to repent?

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When Do We Need Revival?

We need a fresh visitation of the Spirit in revival when these fifty evidences characterize our life.

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Knowing How It Feels

Jesus was no dry-eyed, joyless, unfeeling robot. He knows what it’s like to hurt, to laugh, to wish, to agonize.

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A Crack in the Ice

After hundreds of years of silence, the ice began to crack. God was on the move.

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Write as You Read

One of the greatest ways to help you concentrate and focus is reading the Word with pen in hand.

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What's in It for Me?

When you know the purpose of devotions, it helps you to be motivated to stay in the Word.

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What's Your Excuse?

"What's your excuse for not reading the Bible consistently?" Let us offer solutions to some of the most legitimate sounding excuses out there.