Resources by Topic Modesty, Purity & Beauty

Scripture reminds us true beauty comes from a revived heart. While living in a culture full of mixed and misguided signals, may you be most concerned with the beauty that lasts.

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I've Been Abused; Am I Still Pure?

In the wake of sexual abuse, Amy wrote these brave words . . . "We (those of us who have experienced severe sexual abuse) had no option to protect our purity."

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Does He Know God's Word?

If you're going to consider a guy worthy of a date, be sure that he knows and loves the Word of God.

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Best Of: Are You Hinting?

God's standard isn't a long list of do's and don'ts, and it's not as simple as a big black line just before sex.

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Psst . . . You Were Not Born …

You weren't born yesterday, so you can handle this . . . you weren't born pure. You were innocent when you were born, but Scripture says you were born sinful.

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The Bare Facts: How Far Is Too Far?

Have you ever thought purity would be a lot easier to attain if the Bible clearly said, "Here is exactly how far you can go physically and remain pure"?

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Your Philosophy Is Showing

Compare the world’s philosophy with God’s to discover who and what you’re believing about your worth, purpose, and beauty.