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Living Out God's Friendship


Love, love, love . . . 1

Dannah: Have you noticed how we we over-work  the word “love”? We might be misusing it.   We love our parents. We love the hot guy who walks by, even if we don’t know his name. And we love a cute little orphaned child we meet on a missions trip. We might even love Fluffernutter sandwiches. We throw the word around, sometimes so casually that it can be easy to forget it true meaning. Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth wants to refresh your memory.

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth: Love is not just an emotional attraction. Rather, it’s selfless, humble service to meet the needs of another person, no matter how lowly or menial that service, that task may seem, and no matter how undeserving is the recipient of that love, the person that we’re serving.

Dannah: We’re gonna learn how to love, God’s way, today on …