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A Father’s Love

Topics: Holidays

Dannah Gresh: Mary Kassian sums up Jesus’s whole message when He was on earth.

Mary Kassian: “Come and meet My Dad. Come and meet My Dad. See these miracles that I’m doing? My Dad does that. Hear the words that I’m speaking? I’m just telling you what My Dad told Me. See the compassion I have? That’s the compassion of the Father. The love I have for you? That’s the love that the Father has for Me. Come and look at Me. Spend some time with Me. It’s like you’re spending time with My Dad. You’re getting to know Him.” His whole message was “Come meet Dad. Come meet My Dad. If you believe in Me, He can be your Dad, too.”

Dannah: Seeing God as your true and better Father, on this episode of Revive Our Hearts Weekend.

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