• 7 February ‘22 – 17 February ‘22

Revive Our HeartsHow's Your Love Life?

Learn how to practice genuine agape love in the difficult circumstances of daily life.

Episodes in this season

Avoiding the Big Zero

If we speak without love, our words are just noise--kind of like an orchestra tuning. But when we speak with love, it can be as beautiful as a concerto. View More →

Love Does Not Boast

When you think of sins we’re often guilty of, does rudeness usually make the list? According to the apostle Paul, being rude is the opposite of love. View More →

Love Is Not Provoked

We all face circumstances that make us really angry. But as we learn to live in love, fewer and fewer things will provoke us to anger. View More →

Can Love Ever Fail?

Early in a relationship, most married couples experience strong romantic emotions. But what happens when the feelings change? View More →

Love for Hopeless Marriages

Is love primarily about feelings or about choices? Find out what happens to our emotions when we choose to act in love, regardless of circumstances. View More →