• 13 April ‘15 – 24 April ‘15

Revive Our HeartsTrue Woman 201: Interior Design

What does it mean to be a true woman? Conflicting answers to that question come at you all the time. Nancy and Mary Kassian take you to a source you can trust. They'll unpack instructions for women from Titus 2 and show you why living out these practical instructions will reflect true beauty to your world.

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Episodes in this season

Reverent in Behavior

Women are told to be reverent. Does that mean they have to speak in hushed tones and never have fun? Nancy and Mary will show you how in practical ways. View More →

A Heart for Home

Do you like your husband? Mary and Nancy ask that question as they explore Titus 2. They'll show you why it’s important not to just tolerate husbands. View More →

A Self-Controlled Life

If you choose to accelerate bitter thinking, you can end up with a crash. Nancy will talk with Mary Kassian about keeping thoughts and emotions under control. View More →

The Beauty of a Pure Life

Human marriage provides a powerful picture of Christ’s love for the Church. The choices we make have an affect on if the world around us sees this picture. View More →

Working at Home

The apostle Paul encourages women to be “working at home.” Does that mean women shouldn’t work outside the home? What about a career or paycheck? View More →

The Power of Kindness

Be kind. It seems like the most basic kindergarten-style instruction? Actually, kindness is a radical choice that will have a huge effect on people. View More →

From Woman to Woman

Younger women can feel like older women aren’t available. And older women feel like younger women aren’t interested. Nancy and Mary show you how to connect. View More →